X-Acto knife blades #2, 15 blades

$6.00 Regular price $16.99
by Darice

This blade is what I use to cut my eyeballs. Not MY eyeballs per se, but the eyeballs I put on puppets. When you pair them with a size 2 handle, they’re perfect for slicing puppet pie eyes right in half. We have a video up on TikTok about how to do it, but you’ll have to sift through our cat videos before you’ll find it.

Please note that this is size #2. This means you need a handle big enough to fit it. Do we sell them? No, but that would have been smart. You can get them from other places on the internet, though. But why should you get the blades from us if you’re getting the handle from somewhere else? Because we’re cute & small business-y, and it’ll keep these blades from getting into trouble all while helping to put groceries on the puppet table. Oh, and because they’re super discounted and hard to find in this swanky dispenser that also acts as a safety receptacle for used blades. 

Do I have to mention that this is completely unsafe for kids?? Cuz they are.