Puppet Pie á la Mobile

Puppet Pie á la Mobile is available to book October through March, in temperatures below 90ºF
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Puppet Pie á la Mobile

What is it??

The Puppet Ice Cream Truck, which we've named Puppet Pie á la Mobile, is essentially our mobile art studio for Puppet Pie. It's equipped with two removable freezers and plenty of storage for our puppets, workshops supplies, and frozen treats!

Does the truck have real food?

That all depends on the event and venue! If we're vending at a convention, we won't be bringing any real food with us (just puppets that look like food), but a lot of our events, like birthday parties and private workshops do involve bringing along a freezer full of delicious, prepackaged, frozen treats--all served by a puppet!

What on earth made you get an ice cream truck?

It all started because we make a lot of food puppets around here and we thought it would be hilarious to serve them out of a real truck. When the pandemic came along, we realized we could also use the truck to bring our events to people who couldn't make it to us!

Booking the Truck

What kind of events can you do?

We can do anything from small birthday parties at private homes to large, multi-day street fairs and festivals.

We also use the truck for our handmade and curated puppets, so oftentimes you'll see us at vending Phoenix Fan Fusion or at holiday markets.

Can you come to our preschool?

Absolutely! We have preschool programming under our Special Events tabs and any of them can be combined with the ice cream truck!

Can we have a workshop with the ice cream truck?

Absolutely! Any workshop or show booked with the truck gets ice creams!

What does it cost?

Our base package starts at just $250! Contact us for more details!

Do you do fundraisers?

We do! Please contact us to get current fundraiser rates.