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Introducing Puppet Pie á la Mobile

A small birdhouse painted to look like an ice cream truck. Paper puppets of stacey and ice cream puppets are inside the window. The truck is white with a red and white awning and a teal door.


Your source for fun and whimsy, Puppet Pie is now even whimsier (it's a word now!), bringing puppets & crafty fun right to your front yard! Now you can book the ice cream truck for your ladies' night, birthday party, crafternoon, scouting group, or other small, socially-distanced, outdoor event!

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We're absolutely thrilled to announce that Puppet Pie now has a bona fide ice cream truck! This has been a lifelong dream and allows us to offer workshops, and puppetry programs in a variety of places in the Phoenix-Metro area!

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We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby!

We’ve come so far, and ice cream truck still needs a little bit of work to get it ready for all of the programming we'd like to do. From a music box to a/c—if you’d like to help support our efforts to bring puppetry to Phoenix, consider contributing to our fundraiser!

picture of a blue monster birthday cake with a red candle

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