X-Acto knife set #1

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by Darice

This blade is what I use to cut my eyeballs. Not MY eyeballs per se, but the eyeballs I put on puppets. It’s perfect for slicing puppet pie eyes right in half. We have a video up on TikTok about how to do it, but you’ll have to sift through our cat videos before you’ll find it.

Please note that this is size 1. It’s a set, so you get the blade and a lid, plus 5 extra blades for when your spouse dulls this blade by opening packages. On second thought, leave this one tucked away and let your spouse use the kitchen scissors.  Did I mention that the blades are assorted? There’s a fine point #11 blade, one #12 carving blade, one general #10, one #16 scoring, and one #17 for lightweight chiseling. How cute is that? It’s so cute. 

Do I have to mention that this is completely unsafe for kids?? Cuz they are.