Creative Accountability Group, Weekly/Monthly

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Creative Accountability Group, Weekly/Monthly - Unlimited Sundays is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

If you're anything like us, you have a love-hate relationship with deadlines. On one hand, they're terrifying...but on the other hand, you need those deadlines to help make things happen--because they're terrifying. But giving deadlines to yourself rarely works because you're such a lenient boss, so you tend to flounder a little when it comes to achieving your goals. At least that's how it is over here.

But there's something magical about having an outside cheerleader, fake internet boss, or even a group of pals to encourage, lift up, and push you forward in your creative endeavors. Let Stacey Gordon be your fake internet boss to help you plan your goals & achieve your very attainable dreams!

Join experienced accountability group leader, Stacey Gordon, on Sunday evenings in January and have her help you track your goals, receive encouragement, get strategies to overcome procrastination, brainstorm ideas, and plan your week!  And of course we'll laugh and share challenges and achievements along the way, too. 

This is a small group for people who have creative goals and need a little assistance achieving them. Chances are if you're still reading this, you're probably one of us. Or if you got distracted and stopped reading, you might also be one of us.

You'll also get access to our exclusive Facebook group, found here:  (feel free to apply when you sign up & we'll get you approved ASAP)

We'll be using a LOT of what Art Grueneberger talks about in his Ready, Set, Go! Workshops, so if you haven't taken his workshop in the past or if you need a refresher, we highly recommend signing up here.  Joining his workshop isn't a requirement, but it will definitely start you on a great path!

Space is limited because we're keeping this group small, so sign up as soon as you can!

You've got two options for attendance: unlimited Sundays, or just the last Sunday.

Unlimited: Every Sunday in January, 2024 from 5:30-7pm MST, however please plan a little extra time for the last Sunday of the month for end-of-the-month goal reviews and planning ahead! You can come every week, and that's what we recommend to get that burst of productive joy to start your week off right!

Only the last Sunday: If you're coming just once/month, our monthly roundup will be on the last Sunday of the month from 5:30-7:30pm MST. Choose this if you're pretty good with week-to-week planning on your own, but want to have someone to check in with once/month. (Space is more limited for this option).

Please consult your favorite virtual robot for the time zone in your local area.

You'll receive a download link at checkout. Please check your email receipt for your link and view the link by clicking the button that will probably say something like, "View Order" or "View Order and any available downloads" Look for an email from

WHERE: Zoom! Which means ANYWHERE!

 SKILLS REQUIRED: Listening, taking notes how you wish, thinking about your future!

WHO: This group is designed for adults (ages 18+) with a creative vision who would like a little extra guidance and accountability.


Stacey Gordon's been successfully running a weekly accountability group over zoom since November of 2020--and it's still going strong!  She's a procrastination expert and knows just about every strategy out there to trick her neurodivergent brain into "doing the thing."  Also an expert in failing and getting up to try again, Stacey's not only built her own successful business and raised two neurodivergent kids (Gurl? Skills.), but she also brought her dream of owning a puppet ice cream truck to life, using strategies she's learned from workshops, therapists, mentors and failures along the way, and she understands that there's no single strategy that works for everyone.

One purchase is required for each person in attendance.

You do NOT need to be in the Phoenix area for this workshop, however you DO need a computer/device with the internet, a camera, and microphone so the event leader can see and hear what you’re doing, You’ll also need a stable internet connection. Headphones are also a good idea to minimize background noise (as in, please use headphones).

You'll receive a download link after checkout. Please check your email receipt for your link and view the link by clicking the button that will probably say something like, "View Order" or "View Order and any available downloads"  Please check your spam folder and then reach out on our contact page if you haven’t received your link 1 hour before the event.