Television Puppetry Monitor Workshop

In puppetry, performers watch televisions, which we called monitors. A meat-actor can see where they are in space because their eyeballs work. Fuzzy actors (like puppets) don't have working eyeballs to assist them, so when puppeteering for video or television, puppeteers watch monitors to see what our puppets are doing on-camera. A little adjustment to the left or right could mean the difference between making eye contact with your audience at home, and staring off into la-la land! It's the difference between looking at another character, creating believable connections, or making your puppet flap its mouth, without any believability at all.
Monitors can help make your puppeteering look professional and polished!

In this workshop you'll learn & practice different tricks to make your puppets look alive on camera & how to use monitors to the best of your ability.  It's much more challenging than it appears because the image isn't what we're used to seeing in a mirror. But whether we have hopes of working in the tv industry, or just playing around with Youtube videos for our friends and family, it's a fun night of improving and expanding our performance skills.  
video monitors for puppetry

Skills required: 
Standing for extended periods of time, holding your arm up for extended periods of time. Looking at a monitor/screen and realizing that everything you know is wrong.

Best for: Ages 8-12, Teens, Adults
2 hours

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