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Special Event Pricing

Make a Memory to Last a Lifetime!

Puppet-Making Parties

Thank you for considering Puppet Pie for your next event! Please see our workshop descriptions at for more details on individual workshops

All participants in our workshops must be at least 6 years of age (this doesn’t apply for our Puppet Petting Zoo or our Curbside Visit from the Popsicle Fairy).  All participants under the age of 8 must be accompanied by one dedicated and helpful grown-up per child. Participants needing special accommodations may have one dedicated adult assistant at no extra charge.
A $75 non-refundable deposit (plus tax) is requested to reserve your place in our calendar (applied to your total)

Please note that during COVID (The Now Times), we’re offering many of our in-studio workshops virtually on Zoom.

They are  indicated by a (Vir.) in the workshop lists below.

Our virtual workshops are priced the same as our in-studio workshops (with added shipping charges, when applicable) and all feature a 2-camera view of the instructor/table, so you and your attendees will know exactly what to do!

All in-studio participants must show proof of vaccination, be free from symptoms of any illness, and wear a mask that stays above their nose and below their chin at all times. Outdoor “mask breaks” can be incorporated for anyone needing a fresh-air break. Anyone unable to receive vaccinations may participate with a lab-administered negative COVID test.

All on-location parties should be outdoors when possible.

Currently some of our workshops may be unavailable due to supply-distribution and/or distancing requirements. We’ll do what we can to make your gathering special, regardless.

Programming for ages 6-100:

3-hour workshop-parties at Puppet Pie

$425 (+ tax) at the studio for up to 10 participants, $20 (+ tax)/participant after that, max 15 participants in the studio.

Each 3-hour workshop-party includes:

  • Up to 60 minutes for set-up/decorating, prior to the workshop
  • 2 hours for puppet-creation/performance
  • All supplies and specialized instruction for your group
  • Plus 1 hour for socializing
  • Throne seating for the guest of honor
  • Outside food and beverage is welcome

Choose from one of these 3-hour workshops:

  • Moving Mouth Puppets (Sock Friends) (Vir)
  • Shadow Puppets (Vir)
  • Puppeteering (Vir)
  • Finger Puppet Fun (Vir)
  • Puppet Petting Zoo (good for pre-k)
  • Taco Puppets (Vir)
  • Chalk Monster Ornaments (Vir)
  • Fairy Doors (Vir) 
  • Puppet Karaoke (Vir)

4-hour workshop-parties at Puppet Pie

$575 (+ tax) for up to 10 participants, $30 (+ tax)/participants after that, max 15 participants.

Each 4-hour workshop-party includes:

  • Up to 60 minutes for set-up/decorating, prior to the workshop
  • 3 hours for puppet-creation
  • All supplies and specialized instruction for your group
  • Plus 1 hour for socializing
  • Throne seating for the guest of honor
  • Outside food and beverage is welcome

Choose from one of these 4-hour workshops:

  • Sandwich Puppets (Vir)
  • Sushi Puppets (Vir)
  • Marionettes 
  • Foam Monster Puppets
  • Pie Puppets (Ages 16+)
  • Fancy Finger Puppets (sewing required/taught, ages 13+)
  • Monster Boxes (Ages 13+) 

$50 additional travel fee applies to off-site events in the Phoenix-Metro Area. 

If you’d like the Puppet Pie Ice Cream Truck to come to your party with popsicles and all of the same party fun at the studio, just add $250! Or order up some extra delicious fun with locally-made artisan ice cream with the truck and just add $350!


Programming for Ages 2-5 Years

The Puppet Petting Zoo

$350 for up to 10 kids & 10 grown-ups, $10 for each additional child (whom we assume comes with an additional grown-up). 

The Puppet Petting Zoo Includes:

  • Puppet singalong
  • Puppet-making craft time
  • Puppet story-time
  • Approximately one hour on-site
  • Special birthday gift for your little guest of honor
  • Includes our travel fee up to 15 miles

Available for touring shows, only.

Add the ice cream truck to your on-site party with popsicles for just $250, or the get the truck with locally-made artisan ice cream for only $350! (Within 10 miles of our downtown Phoenix location, for up to 20 servings.)

Great for All Ages:

Curbside Visit from the Popsicle Fairy

$250 with popsicles, up to 20 participant, $4 for each additional participant. 

$350 with locally-made, artisan ice cream (up to 10 flavors choices), for up to 20 participants, $6 for each additional participant.

Each Curbside Treat visit includes:

  • A visit from the Popsicle Fairy (puppet)
  • Take-home puppet craft for up to 20 guests
  • Photo op for the guest of honor and guests
  • Personalized signage for your event
  • 30 minutes on site
  • Frozen treats for up to 20 guests
  • Napkins, spoons, “drippy cups,” and disposal of waste

Available in temperatures below 100ºF.

Upgrade your Curbside Treat visit with on-site craft instruction, including supplies, instructions, and extra time for crafting for only $200! 

Top off your curbside treat visit with an additional 30 minutes with the Popsicle Fairy for only $50!