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Sandwich Puppet Workshop

Sandwich Puppets
In this workshop, you'll make your very own life-sized, talking sandwich puppet! The skills you learn in this workshop can carry you through to building other types of puppets as well. (Yes, there's a world beyond sandwiches!). Peanut butter and jelly, gooey cheese sandwiches, monster-ami on rye--the puppet sandwich world is your....sandwich! This workshop utilizes STEAM/STEM curriculum.

Skills Required: 
Measuring accurately with a ruler, Cutting detail in fabric and other materials with sharp scissors, coloring, using a hot glue gun, sewing (optional), sitting respectfully for up to three hours.

Best for: Kids ages 8-12, teens, and adults. 
3 hours

This workshop is best for: kids ages 5-7, kids ages 8-12, teens, and adults.


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