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Puppet Karaoke

 Book your next group event, birthday party, or team-building event at Puppet Pie & perform for each other to no end of delight. No actual singing required! It's a great, relaxed way to practice your puppetry skills or try out puppetry for the first time! Perform on-camera, or just for your friends in the room! Either way, it's a super fun way to spend part of your day. 

Very basic performance tips are supplied at the beginning of the event, but this isn't a formal workshop--this is a fun time to spend with other people who think playing around on camera while having a beverage is a perfectly fine way to spend a couple of hours!

Bring your own puppets or use ours!

You'll get to practice:  lip sync, camera work (optional), performing in a group, your stage presence & more!  

Bring your favorite beverages or snacks! Please note that popcorn is strictly banned from Puppet Pie, as it is the glitter of all snack foods.

Skills required: 
Raising your arm over your head, opening and closing your fingers, standing (which can be accommodated). 

Best for: Teens, Adults
This workshop can be adapted for younger audiences.
2 hours

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