Chalkboard Monster Ornaments

In this workshop, you'll learn how to make two adorable chalkboard ornaments re-usable gift tags for your favorite upcoming gift-giving day!  All materials are included

1. Working small -- Learn how to get the most out of common materials, and how to add detail in a way that will highlight just how professional your characters can look.
2. Character faces --Get tips & tricks that will make adding features to your puppets easier & more interesting. It's a safe way to experiment with new ideas & techniques & fun to have anthropomorphic chalkboards in your house.
3. Fur-- Learn how to work with this sometimes messy & frustrating material. You'll learn some fur basics that can be applied to loads of projects.

Skills required: 
Measuring, cutting detail in fabric and other materials with sharp scissors, using a hot glue gun with precision, sewing (optional), sitting respectfully for up to two hours, x-acto knife use, and having previously aged at least 13 years.

Best for: Teens, Adults
2 hours

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