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Right before this dumpster-fire of a season began, I was gearing up for a fundraiser to get a super-awesome ice cream truck. In order to help raise funds, I made this little, furry donation monster-box that you seen in the photo (complete with yummy sound effects when you open its mouth). His name is Horace. I made him for the in-person patrons who wanted to feed him a few dollars or coins when they visit Puppet Pie during First Fridays and art festivals, with the money going toward my ice cream truck. Unfortunately all in-person events were canceled before Horace could meet anyone in person, so online he stags! 

The ice cream truck has been mostly-built, but we’re still taking donations for upgrades like a safer steering system, and even contributions to the gas budget (which help offset costs when we bring the truck out to non-profit organizations and fundraisers), so if you’d like to donate to the ice cream truck, or to my mask-making endeavors, or if you simply appreciate what we do at and just want to help ensure that Puppet Pie can remain open during some challenging times & you don’t want to buy a puppet or take a workshop, then here’s one way you can do that. 

Another way to show your support is to buy something from Puppet Pie (masks, magnets, puppet eyes, online workshops, or gift certificates for the future), or simply tell your friends about the colorful little art studio in Phoenix that you know about where they can goof off and be silly when this whole pandemic thing is over.

And finally, thank you. Thank you to my longtime patrons for helping me grow enough to having a need for a studio, and to my newer patrons and students, thank you for helping me keep a studio open for SEVEN years! I would not be here, making masks ,or puppets, or living this charmed, challenging, and joyous life that I get to live if it weren’t for any of you. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate you, love you, and hope you stay safe and healthy. 

And when we’re allowed to be near one another again, you can bet your buttons that we’re going to have the best potluck puppet party imaginable!