Adopt A Dot! Your Name In the Puppet Pie Ice Cream Truck!

Dot Size

Some arts and culture spaces let you buy a brick to line the path to their doors. Some have you adopt a chair so you can watch a performance in comfort. Since the Puppet Pie Ice Cream Truck will have neither a path nor chairs (we’ve already got stools for workshops!) we’re inviting you to adopt a dot! Adopt a Dot is our answer to the “donor wall” at some spaces. Each one will be painted and strewn about the truck’s walls, making it a colorful, fun, and inviting space!

Each colorful dot will be permanently displayed in the ice cream truck as a way to to say thank you and to bring you along for the ride! Want something other than your name on your dot? Let us know in the notes at checkout and we’ll see what we can do to make it happen. Your dot (and your face if you’d like it!) will also be featured on our Puppet Pie Instagram page, and a photo of your dot will be emailed to you (along with a lovely little thank-you note via our wonderful post office), because how could we not honor the generous people who are helping to make this dream a reality? We can’t not....or... yah...

The highest level for contribution is the 6” pie tin, where your name (or the words you choose) will be displayed  with the mostly-consumed pie (as shown).

What happens if you already donated at one of these levels before the adopt a dot program was implemented? Well guess what! (Oooh, good guess!) That’s right! You’ll get an email asking if you’d like your donation to be transformed into a beautiful dot plus go toward the truck, or if you’d like to remain anonymous to the public & the entire amount will go toward a tire, or paint, or an inverter, or a chest freezer, or a proper seatbelt, or a/c, or a couple of deep cycle marine batteries, or a retractable step, or wiring, or lights, or a display, or signage, or... you get the idea.

We are so grateful for all of the positivity we’ve received from the onset of this project. Whether you’re here to donate or just here to see if I wrote anything remotely funny, thank you!