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White and Purple Pre Pro Puppet
White and Purple Pre Pro Puppet

White and Purple Pre Pro Puppet

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This is a bonafide pre-pro puppet that is stretchy and will fit a variety of hands (ages 13+). 

There’s a great grip inside the head with a flexible, split mouth plate. If you don’t know what that means, just know that it’s unlikely your hand will get exhausted from using this puppet.  I attach every single arm with sturdy hand-stitching via my very sturdy (and yet lovely) hands.

These puppets are super upgraded from our other version. It’s great for teens & adults who want to try their hand at puppetry but don't want to spend a gajillion dollars on their own custom puppet. Entertain your friends, co-workers, and grocery store clerk with the amazing power of puppetry! Feel like you can't say that thing you've always wanted to say to your in-laws? Say it with a puppet! Have bad news to deliver to your employees? Bad news is always easier when heard from a puppet's mouth. Want to tell your secret-crush how you really feel? Maybe write them a letter. Doing so with a puppet could really ruin the potential for that relationship. Unless they're really into puppets, then go right ahead!

Hand-crafted with my hands in the Puppet Pie studio in Phoenix, Az, I do my best to make no two puppets in any batch alike. This means that your puppet is most certainly *your* puppet. 

They have 12" wooden arm rods, and their bodies will stretch to fit every hand I've ever encountered. They're *NOT* child-safe, so please do not leave this puppet unattended around children. Who knows what they could do to it... or visa versa. Perish the thought.

When not in use, these puppets make for fun wine bottle cozies. (Water bottles are also a-okay--I won't judge your beverage consumption).

But for serious, totally not baby safe. At all. By all means you can use this puppet to entertain babies--but from a safe distance. These are for responsible-teen+ human use. In my experience, babies are not responsible human beings. They also have terrible credit & no driving history.