Puppet Pie Ice Cream Truck Enamel Pin

Type: Accessories

Show your love of Puppet Pie a la Mobile with your very own a hard enamel, Puppet Pie ice cream truck pin! The pins are 2” x 1” and were designed/drawn by me (Stacey Gordon) before I realized procreate has a text option, so there’s that. But hey, if you’ve always wanted my snappy handwriting on a pin/badge/metal thingiedoodle then here’s your chance! 

And if you want to help fund all of the renovations that are currently under way for the ice cream truck, then check out our Fundraiser pin option right here (where $10 of every sale goes straight toward the truck fund!): https://puppetpie.com/products/pre-order-puppet-pie-ice-cream-truck-pin

Slap a Puppet Pie Ice Cream Truck on your fancy hat, lapel, or your pageant sash! 

Please note that they are very unsafe for small humans and pets, but they are indeed safe for large humans and Petes*! 

 *Provided that your Pete is neither a small human nor a pet.