Pro Puppet Building Workshop: The Basics. 6 days, January-February 2019
Pro Puppet Building Workshop: The Basics. 6 days, January-February 2019
Pro Puppet Building Workshop: The Basics. 6 days, January-February 2019

Pro Puppet Building Workshop: The Basics. 6 days, January-February 2019

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It's time for another Pro Puppet Building Basics Class! With an extremely limited class size, you'll get an incredible amount of individualized instruction, but most importantly, you'll be making your own amazing puppet!

The second photo is of the puppets last year's class made. 

An all-inclusive 6-day workshop that introduces you to professional puppet building techniques. You'll have 30 hours of class time, high-quality materials, step-by-step instructions, and guidance to build your very own moving-mouth hand-and-rod puppet (following an original pattern created by Stacey Gordon). 

You will learn: multiple hand sewing stitches and when to use them; how to sew both fleece and fur; how to make arm rods; all about mouth plates; how to create posable hands; gluing techniques; how to create and attach facial features; all skills required to complete a professional quality, moving-mouth, hand-and-rod style puppet. 

You will go home with: A professional quality, half-bodied, rodded, articulated mouth, hand and rod puppet that you made yourself! Oh, and the fond memories of the laughter we shared together. 

WHEN: Each class will take place from 1-6pm on the following weekends in 2019:
January 19th & 20th
January 26th & 27th
February 2nd & 3rd

WHERE: Puppet Pie Studio, 1301 Grand Avenue, Studio 4, Phoenix, AZ 85007. The entrance is on the south side of the building (on McKinley), to the left of the heart mural.  (You can also find a map and photo of the entrance through the menu navigation at the top of this page: Contact > Visit.) Doors open 15-20 minutes prior to the workshop.

SKILLS REQUIRED/PREREQUISITS:  Sitting for up to 5 hours (with short breaks); excellent fine motor skills; use of a hot glue gun; use of small power tools, such as a Dremel or sewing machine; intermediate sewing by hand; tracing; measuring with a variety of tools; safely and accurately using an X-Acto blade; and allowing yourself the freedom and forgiveness to allow your creation become what it becomes.

TOOLS REQUIRED: Due to health reasons, students will be required to provide their own respirator and eye protection, suitable for chemical vapors. They can be found on Amazon or hardware stores. Be sure that they are suitable for chemical vapors. (The one I use has pink cartridges). This is the only tool/protection you are required to provide yourself.  You will need these for the first class.

WHO: This workshop is designed for adults who are capable of safely achieving the skills listed above. This is for the beginning puppet-builder who would like to make professional-quality puppets. Teens 16+ accepted upon consultation.

Extra Details: One purchase is required for each person in attendance. 

You do need to be in the Phoenix area for the workshop. If you don't live in the area (i.e. you have a billing address that is outside of the Phoenix, Arizona area) and you do plan to attend, please contact me to let me know you'll be attending, otherwise I'll politely cancel the sale for you (as I just simply can't ship myself to you, as much as I wish I could).