Monster Cone Glove Puppet

Type: Glove Puppet

Monster Cone glove puppets stand roughly 9" tall (not including their cone-horns). They come packaged in a paper cone that can be displayed either in a vase or a recycle bin.

They are handmade and machine washable. Their bodies are machine stitched, while their horns and nose are sewn on by hand. They are suitable for humans ages 3+.  Their eyes are "safety eyes" which means they won't come off in the wash or with tugging.

 Even though we carefully and securely stitch and apply things to the best of our ability, as with any handmade item, always check your Monster Cone glove puppet’s features to be sure they are not loose. If any pieces are loose, please keep the puppet safely away from small humans with a penchant for choking and contact Puppet Pie immediately for a free refurbishment of your puppet (as long as you pay for his travel, we’ll give your puppet a spa day free of charge, for the life of the puppet). 

If you order online, you will receive a randomly-selected flavor of Monster Cone.