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Snow Cone Magnet Puppets
Snow Cone Magnet Puppets

Snow Cone Magnet Puppets

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These little snow cone magnet puppets are the perfect, no-calorie, inedible treat to entertain you wherever you keep your magnet collection!

 Each snow cone is unique and each one is stinkin’ adorable! They’re about 2” tall and handmade at Puppet Pie in Phoenix, Az. Each one comes with teeny tiny little arm rods, so you can make them dance and wave and rub their tummies as they think about what’s for dinner.

They contain a strong magnet, and either glass or plastic eyes (will vary from puppet to puppet), which makes them one hundred percent completely inappropriate for children.  

🛑 They are not suitable for children or other humans under the age of 13 years old. 

🛑 They are handmade with delicate materials and should be handled with care.

🛑 You shouldn’t put them places that strong magnets shouldn’t be. Like... medical equipment, near credit cards, or in babies’ mouths.