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First Friday Puppet Jam  Friday, March 6th, 6:30pm-10pm
First Friday Puppet Jam  Friday, March 6th, 6:30pm-10pm
First Friday Puppet Jam  Friday, March 6th, 6:30pm-10pm

First Friday Puppet Jam Friday, March 6th, 6:30pm-10pm

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Come down to Puppet Pie & try out puppetry in front of a camera, or just hang out with other weirdos who think puppetry is an excellent, all-encompassing art form. Please feel free to bring a snack or beverage to share. Cups and plates will be provided.

This event has a suggested donation of $10/person.

We love kids at Puppet Pie and they are certainly welcome to come (with an attentive grown-up), but please note that this event is aimed at an adult audience.



Puppet Pie is located at 1301 Grand Avenue, Studio 4. The entrance is on the south side of the building on W. McKinley, and free parking (a dedicated lot) for the Bragg's Pie Factory Building is on the South Side of W. McKinley. The entrance to Puppet Pie is to the LEFT of the Tiger Mural. If the door is locked, you may ring the doorbell. If nobody answers, that means we're not there.


Q: How is this different than a monitor night?
A: This event is much more informal. Because it's on a First Friday, people will be coming and going to see what Puppet Pie is all about. Plus you can bring food or beverages to share!  Think of this like a great networking and playtime event.

Q: What the heck is a monitor night?
A: It's where we learn how to puppeteer for television using a monitor (tv), and we watch the playback live as it happens.

Q: Do I have to purchase this in order to come?
A: No. Because it's so informal & I'm not in the teaching mood after my mom passed, I feel bad charging money. But if you want and are able to contribute to keeping the lights & heater on, then purchasing this (or leaving a cash donation) is a lovely way to do that. 

Q: Hey that's a picture of Noah Ginex! Is he going to be there?
A: No. I just really like this photo of us & it accurately depicts the essence of fun that we'll have.

Q: Can I bring my toddler?
A: Absolutely--just keep a watchful eye and understand that there aren't a whole lot of things for toddlers to do in an active art studio that might have pins on the ground and dangerous tools within reach. Also, adults will be adulting all over the place.

Q: Can I bring my teenager?
A: Absolutely! That's when I really got serious with puppetry & I'm all for oddball teenagers expressing their creativity through theater and art.

Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: Due to the "puppets look like dog toys & they're right at dog-level" only trained service animals are allowed in Puppet Pie.

Q: Do adults really come to this thing?
A: Yah, there are a lot of quirky goofballs out there. It's fun.

Q: Do I need to bring my own puppets? 
A: You absolutely may, but you don't need to. We'll have puppets available to use during the event!