Crafternoon Tea Workshop at Cha Cha’s Tea April 27, 2019 6pm

Crafternoon Tea Workshop at Cha Cha’s Tea April 27, 2019 6pm

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It is well known among my regulars that I am a big fan of tea, so when an awesome tea shop opened up around the corner a year ago, I was in heaven! A collaboration was just waiting to emerge and emerge it has!

WHAT: This is a great hand sewing workshop for beginners! We’ll be making cactus pincushions in little tea cups! The best part is that you’ll get a 15% discount on a pot of tea as part of the workshop!

WHEN: Saturday, April 27th, 2019 at 6pm 

WHERE: Cha Cha’s Tea Lounge at 1325 N Grand Avenue, suite 3! There’s plenty of parking in the Desert Sun Plaza, which puts you in the right place to find Cha Cha’s

SKILLS REQUIRED:  Participants should be comfortable: looking at tiny objects (bring your readers!); Holding and maneuvering small tools; sitting for up to 3 hours; having patience with themselves in learning a new task, or continuing a familiar one.

WHO: This workshop is designed for ages 13 - adult. If you have a child younger than 13 that is interested in this sewing workshop, please contact me before signing your child up.

Extra Details: One purchase is required for each person who will be attending/participating. 

You do need to be in the Phoenix area for the workshop. If you don't live in the area (i.e. you have an address that is outside of the Phoenix, Arizona area) and you do plan to attend, please contact me to let me know you'll be attending, otherwise I'll politely cancel the sale for you (as I just simply can't ship myself to you, as much as I wish I could).