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Burrito Rod Puppet

Burrito Rod Puppet

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 These burrito rod puppets will delight and entertain humans and cats of all ages, and can be safely operated by any human over the age of 13 years.  Need a burrito to give your next presentation at work? Number 5 will do the trick!  Need a burrito to start your morning classes off right? Well that’s a job for burrito number 3!  Want to win the girl and save the world? Burrito number 1’s your best choice for that! 

Approximately 8”x3” around, with 12” rods (that are inserted into the puppet, giving you about 9” to puppeteer with for the body & 11.5” for the arm rods), these burritos are guaranteed to be puppets! They’re definitely not haunted and will not mold if left unrefrigerated—they’re also vegan, gluten free, and very low in calories!

Make your life better with a burrito rod puppet, today!

Don’t think you need a burrito rod puppet because you don’t have children in your life? Good news! Children are bored by burrito rod puppets and your friends and coworkers are more appreciative of your weirdness than you think! (Well, most of them are. Some of them would like you to tone it down a bit—but let’s be real: those people aren’t worth your burrito presentations. You save that burrito presentation for the ones who DO appreciate you!)

Oh and there’s tik tok! Who could forget tik tok!? These burritos can floss like there’s no tomorrow!