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Invite-Only Adult Face Mask

Invite-Only Adult Face Mask

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Right now these masks are for purchase by invite-only. 
Check the “Quarantine!” tab to see if there are any made-to-order masks available for purchase. 

If you received an invite, please choose the number of masks we talked about and use the coupon code on the payment screen at checkout. If you need me to send masks to two different locations, please make two purchases, but don't forget to use the same coupon code for both purchases!

If you make a purchase & did not receive a direct invite from me to do so, please understand that I will need to cancel and refund your order, as the masks listed here are reserved for someone else. Thank you for being so understanding!

This is a handmade face mask made with 2 layers of cotton, and it has a built-in (non-removable) layer of acrylic felt as a filter layer. It's washable and disinfect-able. Please wash after each use.  Also wash it before you wear it for the first time. We have cats! 

Please choose whether or not you requested wire in the nose. 

It has soft elastic for over your ears. The length of the elastic can be adjusted to be made longer by pulling the edges of the fabric tighter (pictured). To make the elastic shorter, you can safety pin it and hide the pin in the elasfic channel. 

If you have ribbon or shoelaces, you can easily run the ribbon through the elastic channel (with a wire, elastic threader, or with a safety pin for more of a challenge) to convert it to a tie mask. I just don't have any ribbon (be sure to use 1/2 or 1/4" ribbon/ties or shoelaces). 

These are for adult faces. :) 

Thank you friends. I love you. Be safe.