Wiggle Worm Rod Puppet

Type: Rod Puppet

Caterpillar puppets are a fuzzy, fun, and easy puppet to use. Just inch your little inchworm along a table, puppet stage, or shoulder (they love dancing on heads, too). 

Worm puppets are made in big ole batches (Some people have Shark Week, I have Worm Week. Alliterations are amazing.) and based on the fabric that I have available at the time of batch-making (some fabrics go away forever and then we all cry...). Your worm's color will be randomly chosen for you. If you'd like, you can contact me to see if I have specific colors in stock and I'll do my best to accommodate you--or you can trust my judgement and I shall deliver to you the absolute cutest wormy on the planet. (None of the colors pictured are in stock. I doubt that fabric is even available anymore.)

They vary in length from 8"- 12", but mostly sit around the 10" mark. Their eyes are all different and unique. Some have wonky eyes (one is bigger than the other), which makes me giggle. 

The wooden rods are 12" long and hand-painted black to make them invisible*. Because as everyone in theater knows, you can't see something if it's been painted black.

They are intended for humans ages 8+.

*They're not really invisible... they're just black. I know, I know, I shouldn't have to say anything, but then that one person will be like, "but they're not invisible," & I'll feel like a dope for not being more obvious about it.

Want to see how they work? Watch the 10 second puppet show!  (As recorded by my friend, Mindy, at the Phoenix Comicon in 2014.)