I think that we can all agree that 2020 has been a giant dumpster fire and we appreciate your patience as orders for physical products (which are not masks) are going to take much longer to ship. If you have a pressing deadline, please contact us prior to purchase.



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Right before all of this began, I was gearing up for a fundraiser to fund a super-cool project that I’m still keeping under wraps for the time being (and remaining hopeful that it will still happen someday). In order to help raise funds, I made this little, furry donation monster box (complete with yummy sound effects) you seen in the photo, just in case in-person patrons wanted to feed it a little $ when they visit Puppet Pie for First Fridays and art festivals.   

The big project is obviously on hold now, but if you’d like to donate to said project, or to mask-making endeavors (in addition to donating many of the masks, I’m not charging a livable wage for making masks, as an attempt to keep them affordable), or if you appreciate what I do and just want to help ensure that Puppet Pie can remain open, then here’s one way you can do that. 

Another way to support is to buy something from me! Non-mask items from the studio will be shipped once every 10 days (I'm just trying to not go to the studio more than that). I have cake sample magnets and worm puppets and a few glove puppets, left. As well as two or three finger puppets, and of course, puppet eyeballs. (Sorry, the monster box in the photo is not for sale). 

There will definitely be shipping delays on all non-mask items, as I’m creating and shipping masks from home, and everything else is kept at the studio (our house is pretty tiny).

And finally, thank you. Thank you to my longtime patrons for helping me grow enough to having a need for a studio, and to my newer patrons and students, thank you for helping me keep a studio open for FIVE years! I would not be here, making masks ,or puppets, or living this charmed, challenging, and joyous life that I get to live if it weren’t for any of you. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate you, love you, and hope you stay safe and healthy. 

And when we’re allowed to be near one another again, you can bet your buttons that we’re going to have the best potluck puppet party imaginable!