St. Patrick’s Day Puppet Tutorial

13 Mar, 2013


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Liven up your St. Patrick’s Day with a puppet show! Liven up that puppet show with these craft stick puppets!

These puppets are really simple, and fun to make.

You will need:

  • Glue
  • Markers
  • Jumbo Craft Sticks  (two per puppet)
  • Scissors
  • Self adhesive Velcro dots (the scratchy side only)
  • Felt or scrap fabric
  • Googly eyes (Can you believe I forgot to add googly eyes to the supply photo? I am truly ashamed.)

Step one!

Carefully cut about an inch off of one end of one of the craft sticks. We’ll call this one the “jaw stick”.

Step 2!

On the other craft stick (we’ll call this one the “face stick”), use markers to draw a mouth. (don’t forget to draw your red tongue first!)

Place the mouth slightly more than an inch from the top of the stick.

Don’t forget the lips!

Line the craft sticks up & see what you’ve got!

Step 3!

Cut out a square of felt, and glue the front of the jaw stick to the center of the felt.

You’ll want the felt to be able to wrap around two sticks and overlap in the back.

If you find that you have too much felt, you can trim away the edge. Just be careful not to trim too much away.

Step 4!

Place your face stick behind the jaw stick and line them up. Wrap the felt around the back so that it tightly holds the two sticks together.

Add glue to the felt, and fold the other side over.  Be careful to only put glue on the felt.

Press the felt firmly together until the glue dries. (You can use rubber bands if you dislike holding things).

Step 5!

Add one self-adhesive Velcro scratchy-side dot to the front (at the bottom)

And add one to the craft stick on the back as well.

These are acting as grips, and will help your puppet move much more easily.

Step 6!


Glue on some eyes!

Step 7!

Slide the mouth up and down, and put on a show!  You can add accessories and hair. You can add tutus, and frills–basically whatever you’d like to make your St. Patrick’s Day Puppet Show crazy-awesome fun!



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